Our team screens each merchant.

Verified bank account

Each merchant submits his bank account details as well as a bank statement with his identity.

Verified ID

Each merchant submit a valid ID which is check with the bank account details. If the two don't match, the merchant cannot accept payment.

Verified phone number

Each time a merchant withdraws funds from us, he needs a code send to his phone. This ensures we always have the working number.

Verified email

We send a confirmation of every order via email - this way we always ensure we have a valid email.


We want you to shop with confidence.


That’s why we provide guarantees that ensure you’ll receive your item on time and as described.

Our guarantees to shop with confidence.

You remain in control ! SimplePay keeps your payment in an escrow account until you confirm you received the order as described. Without your secret delivery PIN, the merchant cannot get the money.

Full Refund if you don’t receive your order

You will get a full refund if your order does not arrive within the delivery time promised by the seller.

Full or Partial Refund if the item is not as described

If your item is significantly different from the seller’s product description, you can A: Return it and get a full refund, or B: Get a partial refund and keep the item.


Whether the order hasn’t arrived within the promised delivery time or isn’t as described or you changed we are here to ensure a safe and pleasant experience.

If there is a problem with my order, what do I do?

1. Contact seller

If your order hasn't arrived within the promised time, or isn't as described - contact the seller. Most sellers are happy to quickly resolve any issues.

2. Open a dispute

If you were unable to resolve the problem with the seller, contact us by chat, email (support@simplepay.ng) or call (+234 809 10 20 40 6).

3. We mediate a solution

SimplePay will mediate a solution. If no solution can be found, we'll transfer your money back to the bank account of your choice.